Military Mil Spec Shipping Boxes

Milspec corrugated shipping boxes containers

Milspec corrugated shipping boxes containers

Did you know that BEE Packaging distributes a variety of military spec shipping cartons? We have a large inventory of stock size corrugated fiberboard boxes meeting ASTM D-5118 specifications. We stock both 200# test domestic and W5C weather resistant fiberboard boxes. With our large inventory of stock sizes place your order by noon and BEE Packaging can ship the same or next day! Custom size boxes are available in single-wall and double-wall in any size, style, or grade required. For more information on Bee's military spec boxes contact us.

Water and Vapor Resistant Government Fiberboard, ASTM D4727 and ASTM D5118

W5C, V3C, V11C Corrugated.   

Fire Retardant Corrugated

Flame Retardant Fiberboard

Water-Vapor Weather resistant/fire retardant

If you are selling into the military you will need mil spec corrugated military boxes. Designed for military mil spec packaging containers where W5C specification is required. Military boxes must be able to weather resistance and for heavy products to be able to sustain the stacking, handling, and shipping. W5C or weather resistance boxes are heavy duty and reliable boxes. We offer corrugated military boxes, W5C and corrugated weather resistance boxes.  Need a custom size? Contact Us.

  • 12X12X6 W5C 275# KRAFT RSC 20/BD
  • 12X12X12 W5C 275# KRAFT RSC 25/BD
  • 14X14X14 W5C 275# KRAFT RSC 15/BD
  • 18X18X18 W5C 275# KRAFT RSC 15/BD
  • 20X20X20 W5C 275# KRAFT RSC 15/BD
  • 24X24X24 W5C 275# KRAFT RSC 5/BD