A Crystal Ball For Your Shipment Ship With Moisture Indicators

Humidity indicator cards for moisture notification

Humidity indicator cards for moisture notification

Did you ever wonder what conditions your shipment encountered?  

After it leaves your facility, you could pray that your customer gets your shipment in the excellent condition it left your place at.  OR..... you can ensure that your shipment maintains the right conditions and if it doesn't, our Indicators will let the receiver know there might be a problem upon delivery.  

When it matters that you need to know, Shipment Indicators are the way to go.  

We provide various Shipment Indicators

  • Tilt Indicator
  • Shipment has been flipped over Indicator
  • Shipment has been dropped
  • Shipment was in moist environment

Our Indicators are designed for a variety of shipping needs.  

Whether heavy duty items or fragile goods, electronics, furniture and more.  

Not sure which one or what you need?  Let us help you make the right decision.