Brown Kraft Paper Shopping Bags Printed With Logo

Functional and environmentally friendly! Featuring matching twisted kraft paper handles and serrated cut top, this spacious bag is made of 50% recycled natural kraft paper and is perfect for any occasion. Ideal for charity functions,restaurant take out service or a day of shopping. Available in various sizes and sold per case.  Shopping bags for stores, retail merchandise, exposition shows.  Brown kraft paper bags can be printed with your company name logo.  Available with hot stamp and ink printing.

50% RECYCLED CONTENT MADE IN THE USA - Material: 63# 50% Recycled Kraft Paper.



1NKS0508NAT 5.5x3.25x8.375x3.25 Toucan 250 13 lbs. 13x12x19 4x4

1NKS0513NAT 5.5x3.25x12.5x3.25 Vino 250 17 lbs. 16x12x19 4x7

1NKS0613NAT 6.5x3.5x12.375x3.5 Puma 250 17 lbs. 16x12x19 5x7

1NKS0810NAT 8x4.75x10.5x4.75 Chimp 250 20 lbs. 17x15x15 6x5

1NKS1013NAT 10x5x13.5x5 Antelope 250 26 lbs. 21x18x15 8x7

1NKS1012NAT 10x7x12.5x7 Bengal 250 28 lbs. 22x18x14 8x6

1NKS1312NAT 13x7x12.5x7 Panther 200 29 lbs. 19x15x24 9x6

1NKS1315NAT 13x6x15.75x6 Gazelle 250 37 lbs. 22x15x21 9x8

1NKS1317NAT 13x7x17.5x7 Impala 250 44 lbs. 22x15x21 9x9

1NKS1416NAT 14x9.5x16.25x9.5 Lion 200 40 lbs. 22x15x21 10x9

1NKS1613NAT 16x6x13x6 Jaguar 250 39 lbs. 36x17x12 10x6

1NKS1615NAT 16x6x15.75x6 Tiger 250 43 lbs. 21x17x20 12x8

1NKS1619NAT 16x6x19.25x6 Zebra 200 40 lbs. 24x20x15 12x9

1NKS1818NAT 18x7x18.75x7 Hippo 200 45 lbs. 25x20x17 12x9

Prices are for plain stock.