Pallet Stretch Wrap Films With Bold Colors

Pallet wrapping at its best! Bold bright colors for identifying product material and making your pallets stand out.  Perfect for distribution centers, warehouses with split shifts, or any warehouse that's requiring easy pallet identification for products or shipping.

Available in in machine grade, hand grade, and stretch banding film sizes.  Reduce Freight Damage. Shipping solutions for today and into the future.


Order 2 pallets and get FREE Shipping! Colored stretch wrap film available in 7 different colors.

  • Green Stretch Film
  • White Opaque Pallet Wrap
  • Black Opaque Stretch Film
  • Yellow Stretch Wrap
  • Red Pallet Film
  • Blue Stretch Wrapping Films
  • Orange Identi-Film Wrap
Plastic opaque pallet wrap stretch film in colorful colors 

Plastic opaque pallet wrap stretch film in colorful colors 

Most freight claims stem from freight being trans-loaded, restacked and or cross-docked, meaning, your freight is loaded onto a truck, then taken to a warehouse, unloaded and then reloaded onto another truck. This may occur a number of times before it’s actually delivered and is standard practice for most common carriers. The more it’s handled, the greater the chance of damage Printed stretch films and stretch wrap in colors reduces the risk of this happening to your shipments.
— Packaging Trade Journal