SUP Stand Up Pouch Bags For Food

Stand up pouches food bags

Stand up pouches food bags

Stand up pouch bags are on the floor and out the door.

Download .pdf catalog sheet on Stand Up Pouches

BEE’s stock size stand up pouches and reclosable bags are perfect for customers that need a quick and easy solution.  Bags are approved for food use, but also work with parts, toys, and other retail display products. Our minimum order quantity is only 1000 bags.  These bags are great for R&D, trial, beta testing and market introduction phases of product development.  We also custom print labels, just send us your artwork.

4 Sizes are available in 4 Materials of Construction:

·         3mil Nylon/LLDPE- (Clear)

·         3 mil Metallized PET/LLDPE- (Silver) 

·         4 mil White PET/Foil/LLDPE (White)

·         3mil Metallized PET/LLDPE & Clear PET/LLDPE  (Silver & Clear Vista Pouch) 

Bag Sizes: 

SMALL  4x6x2.5 OD

MEDIUM 5x8.5x3 OD

LARGE  6x9.5x3.5 OD

EXTRA LARGE 7.5x11.5x3.5 OD

Stock Bag Pouch Program Details:

·         K-style Stand up pouch configuration with 3/8” side seals

·         Hang hole is standard

·         Tear notches at 1” and Zipper at 1.5”

·         Minimum order is 1000 pouches per size.

If you require a different material or size, we certainly can manufacture it for you.  Our typical lead time is about 2 weeks and our typical minimum order quantity is only 5,000 for "unprinted".  Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a timely and accurate quotation.