Who Sells Printed Stretch Films in North America?

Logo printed printing stretch wrap pallet films

Logo printed printing stretch wrap pallet films

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Tamper Evident Printed Pallet Wrap Stretch Film

Custom printing of pallet stretch wrap with low minimums, prepaid delivery nationwide. Advertising and marketing benefits. Custom printed pallet wrap improves load appearance, cuts pilferage, and deters tampering. Printing capacity increased. BEE Packaging now offers lower minimums and faster lead times on all printed pallet wraps.

Handwraps, Machine Films, Micron Films and Engineered Films Reduce Freight Damage

Shipping solutions for today and into the future. Most freight claims stem from freight being trans-loaded, restacked and or cross-docked, meaning, your freight is loaded onto a truck, then taken to a warehouse, unloaded and then reloaded onto another truck. This may occur a number of times before it's actually delivered and is standard practice for most common carriers. The more it's handled, the greater the chance of damage. 

Printed stretch films and stretch wrap in colors reduces the risk of this happening to your shipments.  - Packaging Trade Journal

Club Stores: Show us the value.

Display pallets and promotional packaging-two specialties of co-packers-are gaining steam as merchandising tactics. Warehouse club stores have become more aggressive players in packaging by leveraging it as both a promotional and merchandising strategy to impact their bottom line. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, as a result, are feeling pressure to provide continually changing product assortments and packaging that help to increase transaction size at the checkout. Beyond that, packages are being required to look different for each player in the club channel to heighten the sense that new "treasures" await with each trip to the store. Three primary players-Costco, Sam's, and BJ's-dominate the club store channel, and each is enjoying increasing sales per square foot.  - Trade News Release

ARTWORK REQUIREMENTS, Preferred artwork Vector art is the preferred format for artwork. Below is a list of some. 

  • EPS - Encapsulated Post Script
  • SVG - Standard Vector Graphic
  • PDF - Portable Document File (Must be Vector art.)
  • AI - Adobe Illustrator
  • CDR - Corel Draw exported as EPS. Convert fonts to outlines. Acceptable artwork

Non vector artwork are files like: JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG

The non-vector formats can be used but will require the art department to re-create them from scratch as vector artwork which increases the cost of the artwork.

- Using non-vector art and saving them as vector formats does not make them proper vector artwork. 
- Adobe Photoshop cannot create vector art.

PMS COLORS Provide each color needed for your order. We can print 4 colors.

WATER BASED DISCLAIMER – Exact Pantone color matching is not possible when using water based inks. We always strive to do our best to reflect the colors of the original artwork by using Pantone color values but are not able to guarantee exact Pantone matching due to many variables in the printing process.

WIND DIRECTION The wind direction is very important particularly when used for a machine application.

Printed pallet wrap stretch film wind direction 

Printed pallet wrap stretch film wind direction 

Logo printing name on stretch film pallet wrap and bundling films

Logo printing name on stretch film pallet wrap and bundling films