Cell partitions and divider sets for boxes cartons

Cell partitions and divider sets for boxes cartons

Partitions And Cell Divider Sets For Boxes Cartons

Big Valley Packaging offers both chipboard cell dividers fiberboard partition separators and corrugated partition divider sets for boxes and folding cartons that are ISO compliant.  Partition cell sizes range from 1/4" to 60" in length and width, and heights from 5/8" to 24".  Partitions are separators that are made of fiberboard or cardboard strips which are cut and slotted, and then assembled to form a number of cell dividers for inner packaging separators.  Partitions are custom designed to fit your existing boxes, or we can make outer boxes for you.  
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Partition set paper stock materials include but are not limited to solid fiberboard, chipboard, (subs) solid bleach sulfate, clay coated, anti-static sed black conductive partition sets, and more. Our paperboard packaging includes anything from shipping containers, partitions layer pads, inserts, and specialty die cuts and die cutting.  A,b,c, and e flute corrugated board stock.  Anti tarnish, milk carton stock, oyster 1 & 2, poly coated for cold freezer frozen food applications, solid kraft, and wax coated on both 1 and 2 sides. Special features we offer are corner cuts for easy insertion, directional markings, friction locks, interlocking, coding and part number designations.

Corrugated mailer with kraft chipboard cell partition dividers

Corrugated mailer with kraft chipboard cell partition dividers

Cell dividers serve to separate product from clanging against each other causing damage during shipping.  Sometimes your printing may rub off if items are not divided away from each other.  Delicate product part separators. Bee Packaging serves the following industries:

  • automotive

  • medical packaging

  • confectionery and food service

  • cosmetic packaging

  • electronics partitions

  • glass and ceramic

  • hardware

  • manufacturers of precision parts

  • metal stamping

  • pharmaceutical packaging

Measuring partitions

Measuring partitions