Bottle neck heat shrink bands safety seals for food wine alcohol sauces and gifts

Bottle neck heat shrink bands safety seals for food wine alcohol sauces and gifts

Custom printed heat shrink Labels, Bands and Sleeves

Custom printed heat shrink Labels, Bands and Sleeves

Heat Shrink Bands Shrink Sleeves And Lid Preforms

Big Valley Packaging is a supplier of stock and custom printed heat shrink bands and printed films. Brand your product with Big Valley Packaging's heat shrinkband wrap sleeves.  With a maximum printing area and brilliant full color graphics, shrink sleeves are an excellent promotional tool.

In addition to the many labeling advantages of shrink sleeves, shrink bands can be used to package multiple items together. Create a promotional offering by packaging two or more items together with shrink sleeve promo bands. Big Valley Packaging’s promo bands are made of custom shrink film printed with your artwork, logo, and message. Shrink film is seamed into promotional sleeves and items to be packaged are placed inside. With the application of heat, promo bands shrink and conform tightly to the shape of the packaged items. The result is a stylish and aesthetically attractive promotional package with your company’s name and logo clearly indicated. 

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All manufacturers of consumable products are mandated to do everything in their power to assure consumers that they are buying safe, tamper proof, or tamper evident products.

The most efficient ways to provide this assurance is by sealing lids and caps with a tamper shrink seal or band. Manufacturing tamper evident shrink seals or bands are converted from plastic tubing to your exact specifications. Just a few advantages to packaging with tamper evident shrink bands are:

  • Cost Effectiveness

  • Secure seals

  • Tamper Evident/Proof

  • Professional appearance

  • Minimum Order Only 2,000 pieces!

Cost Effective Tamper Evident Packaging

When tamper proofing containers with caps, lids and other closures, a tamper evident heat shrink bottle neck band is the most cost-effective choice available. With a quick and easy application process, employees can be easily trained to apply a tamper evident packaging band, saving the manufacturer time and money.

Companies around the world use our tamper evident shrink bands to both save money and provide consumers with the assurance of a clean, professional, tamper seal.

Tamper evident shrink sleeves to cover bottles and product.  Shrink sleeves create vibrant product packaging and labeling solutions that are both promotional and functional.

Big Valley Packaging can provide shrink bands with full color digital graphics that fully encompass a product when heat is applied. With a maximum printing area and the advanced printing capabilities of a four color digital printing process, heat shrink labels will pique interest and boost sales. Shrink sleeves also offer practical packaging benefits. 

Custom shrink film is seamed to fit around a product. When heat is applied, sleeve shrinks to conform to the product’s shape even if it is unique or irregular.

Stylish and aesthetically appealing, shrink bands will enhance product packaging and improve marketability.

To create a custom shrink film that showcases your product and company, contact us today, and place an order for shrink bands.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact us. We will make your printing order our priority.

Heat shrink band sleeve die line proof for artwork

Heat shrink band sleeve die line proof for artwork

Heat Shrink Bands, Sleeves and Lid Preforms

Heat Shrink Bands, Sleeves and Lid Preforms