Suspension packaging And Retention Boxes


Retention Boxes

Keep products in place with retention packaging boxes from Big Valley Packaging

Korrvu® Retention Packaging is a system that holds product securely within its proprietary retention frame and revolutionary film membrane.  Provides engineered protection for a wide range of applications.  Elastomeric film safely entraps the product while providing excellent visibility and product display.

  • The side flaps fold upward, loosening the film and forming an insertion pocket for product loading.

  • The side flaps are then folded down to tighten the retention film and hold the product securely in place.

  • The finished package is then easily inserted into the carton and is ready for shipment.

  • Includes inner assembly and outer packaging. Ships and stores flat to save space.

  • PC Board packaging

  • Laptop shippers

  • computer parts packaging

  • protective packaging

  • plastic sling boxes


Suspension boxes

Float delicate items in suspension packaging boxes from Big Valley Packaging

With our suspension boxes products are suspended in the airspace of the shipping container between two layers of highly resilient, low slip film.  The patented design suspends products away from impact, providing consistent protection for fragile products even after repeated drops.  Korrvu® Packaging's transparent film enables package to serve as a protective shipper and as a display.  Packaging is reusable for return shipping.  Versatile design enables each system to accommodate many product sizes.  Includes inner assembly and outer packaging.

In addition to above, the Laptop system includes 2 suspension inserts and accessory divider.