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White shipping Box

#3 oyster white boxes

White corrugated cardboard shipping boxes present a quality look to your shipments. Applied labels and special shipping instructions stand out against the crisp white cardboard box background. 

Preserve shipment appearance by sealing white boxes with clear carton sealing tape or white paper tape. Same strong 200#/ECT-32 construction as regular kraft cartons. Sold and shipped flat in bundle quantities.

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Shelf Bin Boxes

White corrugated warehouse bins, stackable and rack bin box carry totes and dividers

Search our stock selection of storage bins and parts containers to find the ideal product for your organizational, storage or transporting needs! Economical corrugated bins are ideal for organizing work areas; plastic bins and organizers provide maximum storage while using up less space; totes and plastic containers are perfect for transportation and product storage. Open top bin boxes, jumbo shelf bins, stackable bin box, and brown kraft open top boxes. Shop our standard stock sized white shelf bin boxes

Open top bin boxes are easy to assemble. Ideal for organizing work areas and product parts. Durable one-piece construction. Assemble without tape or staples. Ample space to identify contents on front panel with marker or labels. Made from strong 200#-B/ECT-32 white corrugated. Ships and stores flat.

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