Paper Foodservice Concession Bags For Food

Paper foil foodservice bread pastry bags

Paper foil foodservice bread pastry bags

Measuring gusseted bags

Measuring gusseted bags

Grease resistant paper food bags

Grease resistant paper food bags

BEE Packaging carries a full line of foodservice concession bags including pinch-bottom paper food bags for a variety of packaging needs, including foodservice, retail, pharmacy, hotel motel, industrial markets and more.  We can customize your bags to fit your specific needs. We can improve your packaging by customizing the bag size and printing your company logo.

Using a specialty grade of paper - Bleached and natural kraft papers are available in various basis weights from 20# to 60#, with or without grease resistance. We can also provide bleached and opaque glassine, wet-strength and water-resistant grades, and other paper substrates. 
Providing a window panel - Windowed bags are ideal for viewing the product inside like bakery bread bags. We place the window panel in the gusset for even better visibility. 
Running a lined or “duplex” bag: such as our stock doggie bags and ice cream carryout bags. 
Printing your bag in up to four spot colors - We maintain an in-house graphic arts design department to assist you in the development and execution of your concept. 
Our sustainability efforts fall into three areas of focus: optimizing energy efficiencies, direct recycling practices, and use of eco-friendly raw materials in our products. Our customers can feel good about the paper bags; most of our raw materials and standard paper bags are gentle on the earth. 
Our papers contain some level of recycled content, ranging from 20% pre-consumer to 100% post-consumer recycled content. Our papers are recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. Our mills are certified by Forest Stewardship Council(FSC) and/or Sustainable Forestry Initiative(SFI) for sustainable forest management. 
Our inks are water-based, with no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). 
Our adhesives are derived from plant materials – a renewable resource, like paper itself. 

Stock plain and custom printed paper food service bags.  Paper bags that are grease resistant. Bags for concessions such as pizza, popcorn, bread, cookie, pretzel, doughnuts, hamburger, hot dog, deli sub serving and to go bags. Custom logo printed paper food bags. Basket liner paper sheets, sandwich wrap papers. Bread bags with windows.
Camera ready artwork is needed in order to quote custom printed bags.
Minimum order for custom printing is 25,000 bags.

Candy & peanut bags, wedding cake bags, popcorn bags, cookie bags, pretzel bags.  Paper sandwich and french fry bags made from grease resistant paper.  Hot dog bags and pickle bag.  Carry-out bags, to go doggie bags, wine & liquor bags.  Bread bags with windows, sub breadstick pizza and plain panel bags. Dry wax paper sheet wraps and basket tray liners.  Paper sandwich food wrap and glassine bags.

Hotel and restaurant amenities.  Silverware bags, napkin ring bands, drinking glass covers, sanitary disposal, laundry bags. Custom printed paper pharmacy bags, stock prescription drug rx bags.  Paper merchandise bags.

Printed foodservice bags. Call for pricing on custom logo printed paper bags.

Custom orders have a standard lead time of 6-8 weeks, with new order lead times beginning when final artwork is approved. We give all possible consideration to rush orders when requested at the time the order is placed. 
The minimum order for custom printing is 25,000 bags. Custom orders requiring specialty grades or sizes of paper are subject to a 10% over- or under-run, or as specified in our quotation.

Bag Artwork Printing Plates & Ink
A one-time artwork and plate charge is required on all first-time custom orders. Estimates and printing proofs are provided in advance of production. Specific PMS colors may be subject to a matching charge in addition to the artwork fee. 


Types of Paper Bags

Bleached Kraft: (BK) A durable, white uncoated paper. Some forms are Machine Glazed (MG) for smoothness on one or both sides. Its unglazed form has a coarser texture and is referred to as Machine Finished (MF). 

Double Opening: (DO) A bag style that is open on one side as well as on top. Provides easy access to products such as pastries, sandwiches, soft pretzels, and pizza slices. 

Dry Wax: Paper sheet which has a moderate wax coating to provide a moisture barrier and insulation.

Duplex Bag: A bag constructed of two layers of paper, with the inner layer providing insulation, or sometimes grease resistance. 

Flat Style Bags: Bags that do not have a gusset. Measurements listed as Width x Length. 

Glassine: A highly polished and compressed sheet, providing grease resistance, which is usually transparent. 

Grease Resistant Paper which is treated to provide a grease barrier. Commonly used for hot, fried, or Paper: (GR) micro

Gusset: The side pleat of a Square Style bag. Its dimension is measured by its open, unfolded state. 

Lip: The top portion of the back side of a bag which extends (usually 5/8") higher than the front side (Lip is never included int eh overall length measurement).

Natural Kraft: (NK) Unbleached paper in its natural form - brown in color. It can be MF, MG, or GR

Panel Bag: A bag which has a transparent poly window panel running from top to bottom, for easy viewing of products (Window panel can sometimes be perforate

Square Style Bags: Three-dimensional bags that have gussets. Measurements listed as Width x Gusset x Length. 

Wet Wax: Paper sheet which has a heavy wax coating to provide a greater moisture barrier and insulation.