Flat poly bags Plastic Polyethylene

Plastic poly polyethylene bags for bagging and shipping product

Plastic poly polyethylene bags for bagging and shipping product

As a polyethylene bags supplier Big Valley Packaging can create custom made bags to your size specifications.  Custom sized plastic bags, as well as different styles such as reclosable zipper poly bags, poly bags with hang holes, and even different colors for identification. Opaque polyethylene film for pilfer resistance and protection and translucent plastic films to show off your product. Our stock warehouse has many sizes of plastic poly bags in stock ready for shipment, as well as poly tubing, and pink plastic anti static bags for electronics.  Parts bagging bags.

We stock a wide variety of plastic flat and gusseted poly bags in various sizes, styles and mil thicknesses. Whether you are looking for industrial strength or FDA compliant, flat or gusseted, clear or white block, with over 2,000 stock items to choose from, you are sure to locate the perfect poly bag for your specific needs! 2Mil, 3Mil, 4Mil, and 6Mil Thicknesses Available in Various Sizes. Our plastic bags meet USDA and FDA requirements for food applications. Choose from poly bags, polyethylene or high clarity polypropylene bags. Flat poly plastic bags are available in hundreds of stock sizes and ready to ship out same or next day.  Bee Packaging parts bags, dust covers, parts bags, and manufacturing bags. Bags for handing and bags with white block for writing part numbers on.  See image above on how to measure a plastic bag.

Clear plastic polyethylene bags.  Storage bags and shipping bags.  Polyethylene lay flat plastic bags.  Our flat poly bags are USDA and FDA approved for food use.  1Mil, 1.5Mil, 2Mil, 3Mil, 4Mil, and 6Mil thicknesses available.  Close bags with our heat sealers, bag tapes, or twist ties.  

.001 1Mil bags for lightweight protection for temporary storage.
.0015 1.5 Mil bags give protection for lightweight items like clothing and food.
.002 2Mil bags are the most popular thickness for parts, clothing and food.
.003 3Mil bags for added protection for parts and hardware.
.004 4Mil bags are used for heavier protection for industrial parts and tools.
.006 6Mil bags protect against puncture and tears.
.008 8Mil bags are super heavyweight for maximum strength.

Plastic bags as roll film sheeting for covers parts trash equipment

Plastic bags as roll film sheeting for covers parts trash equipment

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Clear Polyethylene Bags for bagging storing covering and wrapping products.