HP602W Double Wall BClIP Box Clip Connecting clips Fasteners

BCLIP-HP602W Finger pull snap in plastic box clip

BCLIP-HP602W Finger pull snap in plastic box clip

BCLIP-HP602W is a finger pull styled plastic box clip used as a double wall corrugated fastener. 

BCLIP HP602 plastic snap in pull open connecting box clip fasteners from Big Valley Packaging. Box connecting clips used for two piece box packs a lid onto a base creating a pack that can be reopened and closed over and over again.

  • B-clips Cardboard box clips

  • Plastic box clips

  • Natural white packaging clip

  • HP602W Bclip Box Clip

  • Connecting Fastener For Corrugated Boxes

  • Double wall layers

  • Reusable BCLIP Box Clip Fasteners

  • 602W Finger pull corruclip

  • Corro cardboard fastener

Specification Drawing

It all started when…

Over 30 years ago this finger pull box clip was designed for ease of use and re-usability. We were proud to offer it to one of the largest known tech companies in Silicon Valley. They chose the HP602W Bclip for all their import packs. It proved under scrutiny this box clip could withstand repeated use and be recycled throughout the supply chain.

Thank You Big Valley Packaging! My pack designs really stand out. My competitors are green with envy!
— D. Wiseman